What You Should Know about Ruby, Lilith, Brazil & Presley!

"Congratulations! You’ve just introduced your imagination to the cutest little fantasy doll available. She’s freshly showered and powdered and ready to be fit into the attire of your choice. So, if you’re ready to acquaint yourself with her idiosyncrasies."

                                                                                                Don - Creator of Ruby13

Let’s start at the top and work down...

1. With a phillips screwdriver, loosen the two piece clear resin unit and place it onto the black ball at the top of her neck... tighten the screw firmly but not too tight.

2. Being careful not to disturb her makeup, push her head firmly into place... check the neck tension to see if it’s too tight or loose and re-adjust accordingly.

3. Gently brush out her wig with long slow strokes. Her hairline should be about 4 1/2” from the tip of her nose. Use the T-pins to secure it in place.

4. You’ll find a small slit in front of each ear. Insert your index finger until you find the unit that allows you to move her eyes up & down or side to side. Notice they move simultaneously rather than independently.

5. To lift and carry her, place her hands in her lap and lift her in the traditional “Bridal” position.

6. Because she’s flexible rather than pose-able, she’ll feel much more realistic while moving her... especially in bed.

7. Never lift or drag her by her hands or feet.

8. Avoid leaning or pressing hard sharp objects against any silicone doll... (such as fingernails, watches, and beltbuckles...) it can cause indentations.

9. Her eyelashes, nails and teeth are held in place with Crazy Glue.

10. Use of an electric blanket will warm and soften her body with no damage. A new silicone doll will soften and relax naturally in a few months.

11. Female condoms work great as an insert. They’re inexpensive, durable and available online.

12. Never use a petroleum based lubricant on any silicone doll.

13. Never jerk or crank her into position. When you feel resistance, back off. Excessive bending or twisting can damage any doll.

14. Her make-up is all cosmetics, so be careful not to mess it up when cleaning her face. Check out “Make-up Tips” when you decide to change her look.

15. The liquid detergent, Dawn, works great as shampoo for her wigs. You can also remove tangles with a gentle brushing while the wig is still soapy. Rinse and drip dry.

16. The flexibility in her spine allows her to lean forward or back slightly and even twist. By turning & tilting her head slightly and directing her eyes to the camera, you can create a strong sense of presence and add to her personality.

17. Both Ruby and Lilith weigh in the mid fifty lb. range. Brazil weighs in the high sixty lb. range. Presley weighs in the mid forty lb. range. We’ve accomplished this by studying stress points (i.e. under arms, groin & joints) which tells us where and how much silicone is needed... no more, no less. This also allows for more agility and virtually no friction at the skeletal joints.

18. Silicone is a dust magnet. Covering her with a lightweight cloth while you’re away is a smart move.

19. If you live at a high elevation (mountainous areas) you may experience a small amount of air build up beneath her skin. This can be solved by gently piercing the skin and firmly pressing the surrounding area til the air escapes.

20. Bathing her can be an adventure in itself. We sit her on a fold up chair in the shower... Remove her head and cover the opening at her neck with kitchen wrap & a rubberband. We use Dawn liquid detergent to soap her up. Rinse well and blot towel dry. When she’s completely dry, give her a baby powder or corn starch massage. (Scented is available)

21. When purchasing T-shirts or small tight fitting tops, look for the stretchy knit types. They're easy to fit her into and they contour nicely to her body. First, remove her head, insert both arms into the sleeves, then pull the T-shirt or top over her neck and down to her waist.