The Girls from Ruby 13


Ask yourself this Question... Why do I want a Sex Doll? Once you figure out your "WHY" you'll be able to decide on a specific Doll. Ruby13 is known for the best sexual feeling in a high-end platinum silicone doll. She feels great, she moves with you (flexible skeleton instead of a poseable skeleton) and her sexual entries are easy to get to... aka Ruby is Accessible. These are the words of our customers. Customers who have owned high end dolls from several different manufacturers and who can make an informed critique.

So now, it's all about your "WHY"


We wanted to take a moment and relay some important information that should help you to get to know a bit about our Ruby13 collector love dolls.

Ruby's Skin:
After years of testing a number of quality silicones, we've opted to spend the extra bucks on the finest platinum grade additional cure silicone available. Ask around and see if we’re not the softest skin out there.

Skin Tones: 
She has four different skin tones, a light, a medium, a dark tone(Brazilian Tan) and an Ebony tone. Please refer to the Ruby, Brazil & Presley skin tone section of this website to see these skin tones.

Ruby's Skeleton:
We've also done our homework regarding the skeletal support system. Ruby is a hybrid... very flexible and natural... rather than rigid or floppy. We've combined thick walled electrical pvc, flexible solid aluminum rod and heavy nylon cord.

Ruby's Eyes:
Her eyes can be directed whenever you wish. You'll find a slit just in front of either ear. Simply slip your middle finger inside, locate the mechanism and gently nudge it from side to side and up and down.

Ruby's Joint System: 

Her head tilts, turns and can hold that position. Both wrists are Flexible-Pose-able. Her ankles and feet can be moved into natural positions and slip nicely into a pair of size six sneakers or heels. With a little more coaxing she can hold a sitting position.

Ruby's Girly Parts:
We've also paid particular attention to her "girly" parts (both front and rear). Inside you will find a combination of strategically placed waves and texture. (Do the math)

Ruby's Specs: 
Height - 4' 11 1/2". Weight -mid 62lb. Bra Size -34DD. Waist -20". Hips -33". Shoe Size -6. Stockings -Small/Petite. Panties - 6 or Small.

Brazil's Specs:
Height - 5' 2". Weight -79lb range. Bra Size -34DD. Waist -23". Hips -38". Shoe Size -6. Stockings -Medium. Panties - 8 or Medium.

Presley's Specs:
Height - 4' 4". Weight -mid 40lb range. Bust Size -26. Waist -17". Hips -28". Shoe Size -6. Stockings -Small/Petite. Panties - 4 or Small.


Your girl will arrive with a quality wig, but since wig companies are constantly discontinuing certain styles, we'd suggest you search the Internet for just exactly what you want. There is a wide variety of wig companies to choose from with wigs at prices ranging from $20.00 to over a thousand dollars...I'd suggest wigs in the $50.00 range and up...."Plus, It will give you something to do while you're waiting for your girl to arrive!"

Certain materials are colored with dyes that can transfer and stain silicone. It's wise to wash any garment prior to slipping her into it.

Items your going to Need for her:

-Lipstick and a brush for each color
-Eye shadows and applicators
-Q-tips and fingernail polish
-Facial cleaning towelettes (for cleanup of makeup)
-Baby powder and small terrycloth towel
-Water based, water soluble lube (not petroleum based)
-Mild liquid detergent