New Molds for New Faces February 18 2017, 0 Comments

As many of you know. I took over this project (Ruby13) when my dad passed away. About 18 months after that I realized there was silicone disappearing from our studio without my knowledge. So I had to fully take the whole production and customer service over or go out of business. Part of doing the production meant I needed new faces. New sculpts first. I had a tough time getting the right people to sculpt anything but neanderthal men. So I sat down with some clay and began sculpting on my own. I have an art degree so I have a bit of ability in the creative world.

At this point I've sculpted 3 heads that people like. Head 14, 15 and 16. I had another company make the mold for head 14 but now it was time to get another head molded. I chose head 16 to mold next. I bought the materials and plunged in. Sometimes you just need to jump in and not worry about not knowing how. Youtube is full of information that teaches just about anything. Face 16's mold is almost completed after about 3 days of molding and a solid week of sculpting. We are taking orders for both of these faces now. cheers

Below is face 14 and a Ruby with face 16. Face 16 is best for Ruby and Presley. Face 14 is best for Ruby or Brazil.