Brash Photography with Silicone art July 26 2018, 0 Comments

I took over this company a while back after my dad passed away. He was an artist, my mom was an artist and damn it, so am I. So part of working on dolls means working with Platinum silicone. Silicone is all about measuring and mixing and coloring. There have been several cases where I've had left over silicone from certain projects. I keep it. As long as I haven't mixed A and B it's pretty much usable.

So I also do photography and video. I figured what if I made silicone wings. I could use left over aluminum rod to structure the wings. Lets see if it works. So I began pouring silicone concoctions on different textures which then gave me textured silicone. I poured it over structures to make wings and other parts. Here are the results after about 3 months of tinkering. Here wings, headwrap, loin cloth and leggings are made of silicone.