ALONE? December 27 2016, 0 Comments

are you alone? do you feel alone? I remember a holiday season in particular where I was alone. I was recently divorced and my kids were not with me during that holiday. It was depressing. I literally stayed in my apartment for a few days straight and just hung out. Now I can look back at that point in my life and see that things got better....really much better. Not just better than that holiday of being alone but better than life before my divorce. Way better. But during that holiday all I could see was what was right in front of me at that very moment. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was there but I was too bummed out to recognize it. I guess I bring this up because I am past that bummed out holiday week. I can now see that all I had to do was wait it out a bit. Now it's easy to see that things are amazing. I wish someone had reached back into my "funk" from their world of "great" and told me, "HEY, it's going to be ok, no, not just ok, fucking fantastic, you're going to look back at this part of your life and realize it was only a moment. Because it is.

I recently became friends with one of our customers. He is a famous person. He is in his 70's and has health issues. He struggles with suicidal thoughts. He has said to me several times throughout our emails that he believes that a cute Ruby doll can help folks out of their depression. He has her sitting in his place. She keeps him company. She fills that void that feels like you're completely alone. He talks to her. He knows she's a doll but it's fun to talk to her, so he does. He exercises his imagination. She represents happiness to him much like bright colors and cheerful music can. She sits next to him while he watches tv. He made her part of his little world because he realizes life is great even with it's down times.

I personally like to paint. I paint all sorts of stuff. Cubism, Monsters, Oversized odd flowers... Painting gives me purpose. A purpose that's captivating. Photography gives purpose. I also collect cameras that use film. The process is fun and I learn a lot. I learn how to use the camera. Then I go out to the streets and shoot photos of anything beautiful. It focuses my mind on what is good, pretty, amazing in the world. My point is that having what some people call "Hobbies" makes life amazing. They give you something to look forward to. The more "real" the hobby the better. Meaning the further away from social media and closer to actual activity. Being out and around taking pictures (or whatever) brings you into new worlds. In those new worlds are new people. People who share those hobbies. People who are fun and interesting. Much better than meeting people online behind digital walls. I'm going to talk in my next post about internet dating. At least as I experienced it. Cheer up and find something new to do that expands your mind and makes you excited to wake up tomorrow.