The NEW Studio October 25 2015, 0 Comments

In August of 2015 we moved the whole studio out of California. We set it up as a corporation in Las Vegas. We decided to streamline the processes. We rebuilt many of the smaller molds that were starting to lose life. And last but not least we finally got a new mold maker to make Jim's new face 14 which was waiting since January to be done. Now we have photos of this new face in different skin tones on both Brazil and Ruby bodies and she is selling well. One reason jim decided to make this new face was to answer the many emails for a "more realistic" looking face to go with the Ruby body. Don wasn't interested in adding this type of face to the lineup at that time. To be honest he was pretty tired toward the end of his life. So the challenge was not just to make a new face but to make one that still looked like it went with the Ruby13 lineup of bodies and had oral capabilities. It does.