First new Ruby13 product in 4 years July 06 2015, 0 Comments

Finally we have a new face in the Ruby13 lineup. Face 14 which I sculpted back in December. After spending the first 2 years, after my father passed away, looking for a sculptor that could give us a new face that wouldn't look like a neanderthal, I finally decided to give sculpting a go. I've painted and was a graphic designer for many years but 3d was a bit intimidating.

Back in 2009 after Ruby13 had been going for about 6 months, I began getting emails from guys who loved Ruby's body styles but weren't real thrilled with her faces. They wanted something more realistic. Less artistic. So I and a few others ran that idea by my dad but he wasn't interested in that at that time. He was also sculpting the Brazil and Presley bodies so he was pretty busy. Later, after he passed, and after failing to find the right sculptor, I went to hobby lobby and bought some Super Sculpey after seeing a video on Youtube that recommended it. I also picked up some sculpting tools and aluminum foil.

Here's one of my first attempts at sculpting a face.

Eventually I photographed some models and got releases signed so that I could use their image. Not that my faces look like them but just in case. The beauty of having a face to go by is that you can measure parts of that face and then adjust your sculpt according to those measurements. This face here was just a free hand go at the idea without using a model of any kind. Another thing I did after seeing one of my dad's sculpts was to put the eyes into the base above the aluminum foil center. This allowed me to sculpt around the eyes that would eventually be in the face when it's made of silicone. Thus the eyes would fit like a glove into the sockets. The oven bake temperature that you need for hardening your super sculpey wasn't too hot for the eyes so they didn't melt. In fact they just pop out later so you can use them again. The great thing about sculpey is that after you bake it you can sand it smooth and perfect the skin textures.

Here's another face in clay below

And here is that face with color and wig etc


face #14 is now available to order. It has an inner open mouth. Our doll faces don't have a dropping jaw like some other dolls but the space is there inside about 3.5" deep and 2.5" wide.