What's it like to have SEX with a Doll? May 25 2015, 1 Comment

Here is a real testimonial from a guy on the Doll Forum about having sex with a Ruby13 doll.

"I CAN tell you that Ruby's spine, arms and legs allows her to move with you VERY well.

My favorite positions with her were:
1. Missionary. I tied her wrists together with a scarf, and slipped her arms over my neck. Then, I laid her lower legs over mine, and I swear, It felt JUST like a RG lovingly holding you while her magic vag drains your tanks! :-)
2. With me seated in an armless chair, having her sit on my lap, facing me with her legs spread outside mine.
I was surprised how easily she moved in this position, considering her size and weight. This position also put her face right at my level for some affection, and let those famous boobies bounce against my chest.
I'm sure you can't go wrong with either company, but that's my report on Ruby.
I think one thing most people wonder about, with dolls, is what it's like to have sex with them. What does it feel like? How is it different from sex with a real woman? That's why I posted this testimonial. He is being very honest about the experience. In different positions no less. You don't get this type of explanation every day. I've heard many times from different people who have owned several of the top platinum silicone sex dolls that Ruby is the best when it comes to Sex. If you get the Ruby that has the flexible joints, she will move with you. This is what I believe makes the Sex so good. The reactive movement. Some dolls out there (even ours if you buy the poseable option) have stiff joints so that you can pose them. This is great for photography but probably not so good for sex. You want her to move with you. To move along with your movements. Reaction is so sexy. Think about that when choosing your next doll. ;}