Why Buy a Ruby13 Love Doll April 07 2015, 0 Comments

   So on one of the forums where lots of folks gather to chat about all sorts of love dolls and the love doll culture, I decided to throw in a question for these folks... "Why Buy a Ruby13 doll?" Here are the answers I got from forum members who own a Ruby13 doll (and some collect dolls from other doll makers too which gives us a very educated opinion). These are actual responses from real customers. These comments can be found along with contact information to their authors on Dollforum.com. Feel free to reach out to these folks if you want more in depth thoughts about Ruby13 by our real clients.


"-No leg seams. The legs are smooth and are without the mold seams on the sides.

--Breasts look and feel very real.
--No false advertising. The doll received looks like the pictures on the website.
--Quality doll. A lot of silicone is used to make the Ruby.
--Doll is beautiful.
That is what I like about my Ruby."
"Why? Because they're gorgeous. The head #5 is the best blowjob I've ever received. New lighter/custom nipple colors and shades/styles... I've owned a pose-able Ruby13 in late 2012. I loved it, but I never powdered the doll so I wound up selling it because I complained it was hard to move around and everything stuck to it.... duh. Then I got in a real relationship and realized I've been unhappy since day one (over a year later) and broke, because I spent so much money on this girl because she doesn't work... and now, I'm craving another Ruby13. Either torso or full doll. Money doesn't permit, but if I put my mind to it, I can save like crazy just as I did before.

Don and Jim's work cannot be understated-- Rubys are fantastic and worth every penny.

Thanks. :)"
"To me, the advantages of a Ruby are:

- movable eyes (easy to move and change)
- soft boobs and skin
- low weight compared to other dolls
- posable arms option
- low price compared to other high end dolls
- good for sex and good for photography"
"To me, a better question would be why NOT to by a Ruby 13.
If the weight, or the cost disqualify her, I could understand.
But if neither of those apply, then the manifold testimonies alone of just how GREAT she is in bed should be justification enough.
With her spine being just flexible enough, and her freely moving arms and legs, during play she can move with you in ways you just WISH a RG would!
That, and the fact that her vaginal area operates on a sophisticated mathematical formula:(Erection+insertion=orgasm) guarantees a good time!
And those legendary breasts are also VERY good at relieving you of excess seminal fluids, if you are so inclined.
Yeah, I know: TOO much information. But it was necessary to fill in the blanks for those who might still be on the fence and wondering what makes Ruby so special.
Add in the realistic line of faces that Jim is now producing, and the ease of repairing her silicone flesh, should it become necessary and you have the only doll you REALLY need!"
"Honestly, I was drawn in by the boobs :oops: How they looked, their size, how soft everyone was saying they were... but the more and more I looked at pics and read, the more I started to get taken by her cute face as well. And then when she arrived I was hopelessly hooked by her looks, size, feel, weight.... you name it!

I can easily see my Callie being a little wild and getting her way backstage at a major concert, even though she didn't pay to get back there ifyaknowwhatimean :wink:

At the same time I can see her working at a local library or office or school or something and being a constant source for everyone's fantasies.

In either case she's always a little naughty but at the end of the day is ready for cuddles with a sweet smile.

Sweet and spicy at the same time, but with a dash more spice. That's how I see the Ruby girls, and that's why I like the Ruby girls."
"Well I'm a boob man and ruby dolls have some of the nicest chests going.
Love that her eyes are so easy to move and give such great expression for photos.
These dolls are very good in bed too. When i put the platinum blonde wig on my Cynthia i was in love!
Her curves go on for ever, with hands that are lovely to hold!
These are well made beautiful dolls of high quality and I own two of the honeys!
Would i recommend this doll, In a second!!!!!! no maybe first!!
Great to cuddle too. One very happy Ruby doll owner here"
"Jim I just sold my Ruby 13 but I can say having had her, a Boy Toy and a Viola, she was the best of the bunch in almost every case.

Since her skeletal frame is PVC and cord, covered with a foam core muscular system, she's very moveable in the sack. I was personally not a huge fan of her "always open" thighs owing to her hip design, but it did make doggy and missionary really easy to switch between. She was just an amazing plaything in bed. You can literally roll her all over the place and given her frame she has a good tendancy to "bounce back" against you when you thrust.

The boobs were...spectactular. The firmer outer skin, with a much softer blend of silicone underneath, were just amazing to play with, suck on or mount. I lost many a load between those melons.

And unlike the import TPE dolls, her vagina and anal orifices were anatomically placed in their right positions. You didn't find yourself angling weird to enter her and if you wanted to get durty and go double dipping, it was quite easy to do without rearranging her position....again, just like a real woman. The woman I'm with now is a bit of a freak in the sack and loved a few role playing sessions with Ruby. Even she would comment how everything was where it was supposed to be...albeit for a petite super-busty gal.

If I have a single complaint it was her dimpling. I didn't have this issue with my TPE, and it wasn't that much of an issue with the Boy Toy (although the skin on BT's was also more plastic-y). So I assume that is a tradeoff for your unique formulation. Less than 4 months into owning her she began to dimple mysteriously. I kept her lying in a large chest filled with 4" memory foam on all sides. She was always in neutral/pour pose. But each time I pulled her out there'd be a smattering of new dimples. In a year of owning her she developed maybe 3 dozen, each about the size of a fingertip indentation. But I was as gentle with her as I would be with a real woman so I'm not sure why that happened.

But otherwise, great fantasy figure, fantastic for sex and overall I got my moneys' worth. I'm a little upset how she ended up but the buyer gets to do what he wants with her so....yeah.

Enjoyed owning what I consider a fantastic American made and uniquely designed doll."
"Well I have to admitt that Ruby and Brazil are great at sex!! Now to qualify a few things, my Ruby is the older more solid silicone so her skin is pretty tough, but she is so damn sexy to look at.
I sure want to get the new softer version some day. I'm a larger person so Ruby is more work for me due to me being a bigger person and her being a smaller doll. But to enter her she feels so good, and i love the way she moves, and i can grab her breasts which are so beautiful. I glad i have her, will never part with her even if i get a newer ruby doll.
Now my Ruby Brazil doll oh my she a hot one in bed, i have to say she is the best for me. Her larger size makes entry even easier. She is much softer as well and being the darker skin tone she looks Brazilian too. Very hot and cute and her booty is so nice too. I must say these two dolls were well worth the price.
There are many other aspects of these dolls there beautiful hands and face that are so cute! My fantasy dolls for sure love walking in to the room and seeing there faces and bustyness!!

Ruby dolls rock period and if i had the money i would probably by the other two dolls too!
So jim to you your Dad and the team you make an exceptional doll line of hoties, my hat off to you all."
"I have not received my Ruby doll yet, but the ample breasts and nice full lips are so feminine and enticing. From reports I have noted the flexibility and ease of entry. The large eyes are alluring and attractive. These are reasons why I have ordered a Ruby13 doll. Can, t wait to get her!"