NEW FACES - the Journey April 06 2015, 0 Comments

When Ruby13 began my dad had designed one body. Ruby. As you might expect we were immediately inundated with requests for not only Ruby but new designs. The "large breast" fans were ordering like crazy but the "regular size breast" crowd was asking for us to give them something of a Ruby with "C" size cups. One thing I know about my late father is that he didn't like to design for anyone but himself. Even when he designed furniture or artwork, he did it for what he liked, and if anyone also liked it well then there was a sale. But taking requests was never his forte. However, I am a bit different on that subject. I don't mind giving folks what they want if it's possible for me to do that. Eventually I want to address the "C" cup body addition to our lineup but for now I am all about new FACES. We've had many requests for faces that are more "realistic" less "artistic." Of course Ruby13 was based on my dad's artwork from the 1980's and 90's, so it's no wonder it's a bit on the artistic side. But there is definitely a large and growing group of folks who love Ruby's 4 body styles but want a more "traditional" face. I am happy to oblige. Things are changing at Ruby13 at this date. New advances and transitions are in the works. This has halted the mold making of face 12, 13, 14 and 15. But change is always good and my guess is that we should have face 14 by mid June. Lord willing and the Creek don't rise, as they say. Here's a shot of that luscious lipped face 14

now... cheers