Love vs. Lust - Loving a Doll April 04 2015, 2 Comments

Have you ever heard someone refer to your feelings for someone else as "lust?" They might be negating that you have love for that person. It's usually a term aimed at someone who shows interest in a "pretty" or attractive person. She's so pretty that you can't possibly love her it's just LUST. lol Well perhaps there's some Lust involved but that doesn't have to rule out the idea that you can also love that person. I guess it all gets down to your definitions of these 2 words. What does Love mean to you? Is it a feeling you get when you like someone? Or is it an action word like some folks say? Maybe there are different meanings for the word LOVE. I know that when I'm attracted to someone and if I get a chance to watch them over a period of time I can usually decide whether I still like them as a person, which may then eventually become Love. I think Lust is something a person can have for another person they find attractive and yet don't like as a human. But Lust fails quickly I think. So Falling in Love is probably a quick thing. Where as loving someone is full time job that keeps you around even when it's tough. I'd have to say that from my experience knowing those who have Ruby dolls that... they love them. Because there's a lot of work to owning a Ruby (or any other silicone doll) It takes time and effort to keep them clean and clothed and made up. The wig alone is a full time job. So I would say that there are those who truly LOVE their Ruby dolls. Just based on their actions alone. What do you think?