DOLL photography March 13 2015, 6 Comments

I'm going to talk a lot about photography in this blog. It's a favorite for me. Lighting, pose, colorschemes facial expressions. all of it.

Here is an amazing photo of an amazing doll posted in our forum by a customer who knows what he's doing. I've heard many times that Ruby's are not poseable. I guess whoever said that was wrong. I do know that Don created different faces not for sex but for expression. He always talked about a woman's eyes. When a woman looks at you sideways it's probably a good thing. With a Ruby you can turn the eyes in many directions with the touch of one finger. That's because Don was a lover of different glances from women. With a push up of the chin and shift of the eyes you change the very thought going on in her pretty little head. experiment, because a blank Cow stare is not attractive unless you're into that sort of thing.

Huge thanks to our brilliant photographer above who knows how to get a look out his girl. kudos on the wardrobe as well.