"BEST ACCESSIBILITY in a SEX DOLL" March 13 2015, 1 Comment

So many reasons to buy a Ruby13 doll. I've been on the phone for an hour with a very scientific minded gentleman who has enumerated the ways in which he has longed for a silicone playmate. I'm not sure if he wants me to repeat his diatribe but he isn't pulling punches either. At one point I think he is prodding me to keep the designs true to form and not lose the traits that he finds "perfect"

One of those traits is the placement design of the sexual parts. I've heard horror stories about folks who buy other dolls and can't quite get a comfortable position figured out like a bad date where the rhythm is off. This guy says Ruby is "simple and smooth" and "easy like it should be" he later uses the word "accessible unlike some others he's tried." what more can I reply to this than, "Thank you." My father was a professional, meaning he designed the best "SEXdoll" on the market because he'd most likely been around the block more than any other doll maker out there. And not just been around but been observant. He could be a bit "descriptive" at times when we had father son conversations. At times I was uncomfortable hearing stuff like that, but eventually you accept people for who they are and who they were once upon a time. For my dad, it only makes sense that his legacy was a voluptuous silicone vixen.