HUMAN ATTRACTION & The NEW Ruby13 Faces January 04 2015, 2 Comments

Back in 2008 I began my involvement with my dad's project Ruby13. I watched since 2001 while he began the procedure of sculpting a girl that resembled his amazing artwork (some featured in Easyrider Magazine). So although I had my own company where I shot films and video for many different companies, I now also was in charge of dealing with customers for Ruby13. I answered emails and was a bit of a go between for my dad since he was not on the internet yet. I also designed the first website and did all the photography of the dolls.

During this time I got a plethora of emails asking if we were going to make variations on the one doll we had. "Will you guys be making a doll with even bigger boobs?" and "Are you going to make any Realistic faces? Because I LOVE the Ruby bodies, but the faces aren't for me" This second question was something I tried to push on my dad. He was so busy with new body sculpts etc that it just wasn't possible at that time. He did however venture that direction with face 11 which is quite a departure from the first 8 faces.

Beauty is subjective. If there was a room with 10 people sitting and we brought one woman into that room for the 10 people to evaluate. Each of those 10 people would have a different level of attraction to that 1 woman. Some would think she's hot, some would think she's ok and some would pass. Like the scene in that beautiful movie "Amelie" where the men in the 4 photos on the lampshade begin talking to the Hero about Amelie. They argue whether Amelie is "jolie" or "Belle" which is French for "Pretty" or "Beautiful." It's in the eye of the beholder. And so it is with Ruby's many faces. They are not all beautiful to everyone, yet some love those face very much.

Then in April of 2013 he passed away, rather unexpectedly. His tools, ideas and business were now mine to either continue, kill or sell. I had to decide if wanted to run the company along with my own business of video/photography. Ruby itself is a full time job with inquiries on a daily basis, sales, website, photography updates, social media, building "moving" eye mechanisms, coloring the dolls including makeup eyelashes etc as well as shipping and getting all the extras. And that was just my job. 2 other guys actually build the dolls. If you knew the amount of time and talent it takes to design and build them you'd wonder why they don't cost more.

Sculpting was a process I felt was very much over my head. I can draw pretty well and I have a background in art but that's just to a 2d level. Sculpting is a 3d artform. Imagine drawing a face on paper. That's just one view of the face. Sculpting that same face is many views from different angles. So first I hired a sculptor off craigslist. I gave him many angled photos of a girl I had photographed and whose image I had written permission to use. The sculptor took a month and sculpted what looked like a neanderthal man. He was very proud of it. I wasn't. So I tried another sculptor. This guy works for the studios in LA. And after 7 months of putting me off with excuses he sent me a photograph of another neanderthal man face. completely unusable. But again this guy was very happy with his work. I sent him a schematic showing with lines how different his sculpt was from the girl in the photo. He never addressed my concerns and so I lost my deposit.

That's it!!! I lost my cool and took matters into my own hands, literally. It lit a fire under my ass that made me go out and get some polymer clay and tools and shut out the world while I began a new chapter in my life. Sculpting. Polymer clay stays workable til you bake it. Which is the type of time frame I need as a beginner. After 4 weeks I had accomplished the faces you see below. The first one with the flat lips will not be in our line up but it was my first full attempt. The one in blue is the same as the one with eyes and makeup and hair and is about to become face #12. Remember these are prototypes and so they will look much more translucent and soft when we make them in platinum silicone. The face in 2tone clay with eyes will become face #13. I will be continuing this process of making new faces from now on. I plan on Ruby13 having another 6 faces by Summer. cheers