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Brash Photography with Silicone art July 26 2018, 0 Comments

I took over this company a while back after my dad passed away. He was an artist, my mom was an artist and damn it, so am I. So part of working on dolls means working with Platinum silicone. Silicone is all about measuring and mixing and coloring. There have been several cases where I've had left over silicone from certain projects. I keep it. As long as I haven't mixed A and B it's pretty much usable.

So I also do photography and video. I figured what if I made silicone wings. I could use left over aluminum rod to structure the wings. Lets see if it works. So I began pouring silicone concoctions on different textures which then gave me textured silicone. I poured it over structures to make wings and other parts. Here are the results after about 3 months of tinkering. Here wings, headwrap, loin cloth and leggings are made of silicone.

SEXDOLLS and RELIGION July 26 2018, 0 Comments

Finally I'm going to open up about my past. Pretend we are in a confession booth andthe priest is listening. Although I didn't grow up Catholic, I grew up Mormon.

Mormons shame each other about things like drinking coffee, alcohol and worst of all playing with Masturbation. When I was 13 my single mom invited our Bishop over to give me a talking to about touching myself, or should I say NOT touching myself. She quoted a mormon scripture that basically said a child left unto himself will bring his family to shame. She was on a rampage.

Anyway I left the church years later but the sting of SHAME is still ringing in my ears. Shame is the worst thing we all do to each other IMHO. I met my dad when I was 27 and guess what? He never shamed me for anything that I was thinking about. He had a truly open mind. I learned a lot from him. For those who don't know he was the creator of Ruby13.

What do you think.Has your Religion come between you and your sexual preferences, your hand, your doll?
How do you come to terms with that thinking now in your life?
Do you believe in God and what do you think he/she thinks about all this?

RED DEVIL RUBY (new product) December 12 2017, 0 Comments

I've always been interested in the 1950s and 60s hotrod genre. So it only made sense to make a Red Devil Doll like the tattoos and hotrod art of that time period. So we took a Ruby body and made it Solid Red. Fire Red. Hot Red. We have one for sale right now. Ready for shipment in 2 days. Wardrobe included. $4500 plus shipping. email me for details.   see pics

Ruby Back Orders... whew... December 12 2017, 0 Comments

We suffered a theft of silicone a while back. It set us way back on delivering to our customers. Long story short we've had a resurgence of capitol by someone near and dear and we are now back on to finish all past orders. This is a huge relief. We never wanted to leave any of our customers hanging. We are working in our studio from now on til we get these past orders done. I am hoping we finish in mid January. Stay tuned.

New Molds for New Faces February 18 2017, 0 Comments

As many of you know. I took over this project (Ruby13) when my dad passed away. About 18 months after that I realized there was silicone disappearing from our studio without my knowledge. So I had to fully take the whole production and customer service over or go out of business. Part of doing the production meant I needed new faces. New sculpts first. I had a tough time getting the right people to sculpt anything but neanderthal men. So I sat down with some clay and began sculpting on my own. I have an art degree so I have a bit of ability in the creative world.

At this point I've sculpted 3 heads that people like. Head 14, 15 and 16. I had another company make the mold for head 14 but now it was time to get another head molded. I chose head 16 to mold next. I bought the materials and plunged in. Sometimes you just need to jump in and not worry about not knowing how. Youtube is full of information that teaches just about anything. Face 16's mold is almost completed after about 3 days of molding and a solid week of sculpting. We are taking orders for both of these faces now. cheers

Below is face 14 and a Ruby with face 16. Face 16 is best for Ruby and Presley. Face 14 is best for Ruby or Brazil.

ALONE? December 27 2016, 0 Comments

are you alone? do you feel alone? I remember a holiday season in particular where I was alone. I was recently divorced and my kids were not with me during that holiday. It was depressing. I literally stayed in my apartment for a few days straight and just hung out. Now I can look back at that point in my life and see that things got better....really much better. Not just better than that holiday of being alone but better than life before my divorce. Way better. But during that holiday all I could see was what was right in front of me at that very moment. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was there but I was too bummed out to recognize it. I guess I bring this up because I am past that bummed out holiday week. I can now see that all I had to do was wait it out a bit. Now it's easy to see that things are amazing. I wish someone had reached back into my "funk" from their world of "great" and told me, "HEY, it's going to be ok, no, not just ok, fucking fantastic, you're going to look back at this part of your life and realize it was only a moment. Because it is.

I recently became friends with one of our customers. He is a famous person. He is in his 70's and has health issues. He struggles with suicidal thoughts. He has said to me several times throughout our emails that he believes that a cute Ruby doll can help folks out of their depression. He has her sitting in his place. She keeps him company. She fills that void that feels like you're completely alone. He talks to her. He knows she's a doll but it's fun to talk to her, so he does. He exercises his imagination. She represents happiness to him much like bright colors and cheerful music can. She sits next to him while he watches tv. He made her part of his little world because he realizes life is great even with it's down times.

I personally like to paint. I paint all sorts of stuff. Cubism, Monsters, Oversized odd flowers... Painting gives me purpose. A purpose that's captivating. Photography gives purpose. I also collect cameras that use film. The process is fun and I learn a lot. I learn how to use the camera. Then I go out to the streets and shoot photos of anything beautiful. It focuses my mind on what is good, pretty, amazing in the world. My point is that having what some people call "Hobbies" makes life amazing. They give you something to look forward to. The more "real" the hobby the better. Meaning the further away from social media and closer to actual activity. Being out and around taking pictures (or whatever) brings you into new worlds. In those new worlds are new people. People who share those hobbies. People who are fun and interesting. Much better than meeting people online behind digital walls. I'm going to talk in my next post about internet dating. At least as I experienced it. Cheer up and find something new to do that expands your mind and makes you excited to wake up tomorrow.



Holiday Companions? December 14 2015, 0 Comments

It's that time of year when it's all about having a companion or 2 around. Someone to share the moments with. Often I get emails from those who don't have that companionship. I've been there myself from time to time. It can get tough. I recently spoke with someone who brought a Ruby home just a few months ago. He told me how much Ruby has helped him thru those rough moments when he's alone. He likes her friendly face. He says she adds a warm vibe to his living space. I am truly appreciative to him for sharing the details of his life. A great guy and I'm happy we could add something to his life to make things brighter. Cheers to you all. Feel free to chat here about your holidays.


HOLIDAY SALE!!!! December 09 2015, 0 Comments

We've been spending late days and nights at the studio fulfilling lots of orders and trying to catch up with all the love that's come our way this year. Companion dolls have become such a great gift for yourself. so as a thank you to our repeat customers and new customers....

Til Jan 1 we are having a quick sale which literally takes $1400 off a full doll order. Choose your body style with skin tone, head number, and eye color. Then when you check out add the code Holiday13 to the code field and you'll save big. Happy Holidays from Ruby13

The NEW Studio October 25 2015, 0 Comments

In August of 2015 we moved the whole studio out of California. We set it up as a corporation in Las Vegas. We decided to streamline the processes. We rebuilt many of the smaller molds that were starting to lose life. And last but not least we finally got a new mold maker to make Jim's new face 14 which was waiting since January to be done. Now we have photos of this new face in different skin tones on both Brazil and Ruby bodies and she is selling well. One reason jim decided to make this new face was to answer the many emails for a "more realistic" looking face to go with the Ruby body. Don wasn't interested in adding this type of face to the lineup at that time. To be honest he was pretty tired toward the end of his life. So the challenge was not just to make a new face but to make one that still looked like it went with the Ruby13 lineup of bodies and had oral capabilities. It does.

Lightweight Love Dolls July 16 2015, 1 Comment

Do you want a lightweight doll? how about 46lbs. instead of those folks who make 90 to 110lb. dolls? Here is Ruby13's answer to your Lightweight doll dreams.




3,000,000 Views on Youtube Now - VIDEOS are cool July 16 2015, 0 Comments

I shot a Short film a few years ago from an idea my dad (creator of Ruby13) came up with. It's about a guy who gets a fun package on his doorstep from a secret source. Keep your eyes on the background while he's on the phone.

First new Ruby13 product in 4 years July 06 2015, 0 Comments

Finally we have a new face in the Ruby13 lineup. Face 14 which I sculpted back in December. After spending the first 2 years, after my father passed away, looking for a sculptor that could give us a new face that wouldn't look like a neanderthal, I finally decided to give sculpting a go. I've painted and was a graphic designer for many years but 3d was a bit intimidating.

Back in 2009 after Ruby13 had been going for about 6 months, I began getting emails from guys who loved Ruby's body styles but weren't real thrilled with her faces. They wanted something more realistic. Less artistic. So I and a few others ran that idea by my dad but he wasn't interested in that at that time. He was also sculpting the Brazil and Presley bodies so he was pretty busy. Later, after he passed, and after failing to find the right sculptor, I went to hobby lobby and bought some Super Sculpey after seeing a video on Youtube that recommended it. I also picked up some sculpting tools and aluminum foil.

Here's one of my first attempts at sculpting a face.

Eventually I photographed some models and got releases signed so that I could use their image. Not that my faces look like them but just in case. The beauty of having a face to go by is that you can measure parts of that face and then adjust your sculpt according to those measurements. This face here was just a free hand go at the idea without using a model of any kind. Another thing I did after seeing one of my dad's sculpts was to put the eyes into the base above the aluminum foil center. This allowed me to sculpt around the eyes that would eventually be in the face when it's made of silicone. Thus the eyes would fit like a glove into the sockets. The oven bake temperature that you need for hardening your super sculpey wasn't too hot for the eyes so they didn't melt. In fact they just pop out later so you can use them again. The great thing about sculpey is that after you bake it you can sand it smooth and perfect the skin textures.

Here's another face in clay below

And here is that face with color and wig etc


face #14 is now available to order. It has an inner open mouth. Our doll faces don't have a dropping jaw like some other dolls but the space is there inside about 3.5" deep and 2.5" wide.

What's it like to have SEX with a Doll? May 25 2015, 1 Comment

Here is a real testimonial from a guy on the Doll Forum about having sex with a Ruby13 doll.

"I CAN tell you that Ruby's spine, arms and legs allows her to move with you VERY well.

My favorite positions with her were:
1. Missionary. I tied her wrists together with a scarf, and slipped her arms over my neck. Then, I laid her lower legs over mine, and I swear, It felt JUST like a RG lovingly holding you while her magic vag drains your tanks! :-)
2. With me seated in an armless chair, having her sit on my lap, facing me with her legs spread outside mine.
I was surprised how easily she moved in this position, considering her size and weight. This position also put her face right at my level for some affection, and let those famous boobies bounce against my chest.
I'm sure you can't go wrong with either company, but that's my report on Ruby.
I think one thing most people wonder about, with dolls, is what it's like to have sex with them. What does it feel like? How is it different from sex with a real woman? That's why I posted this testimonial. He is being very honest about the experience. In different positions no less. You don't get this type of explanation every day. I've heard many times from different people who have owned several of the top platinum silicone sex dolls that Ruby is the best when it comes to Sex. If you get the Ruby that has the flexible joints, she will move with you. This is what I believe makes the Sex so good. The reactive movement. Some dolls out there (even ours if you buy the poseable option) have stiff joints so that you can pose them. This is great for photography but probably not so good for sex. You want her to move with you. To move along with your movements. Reaction is so sexy. Think about that when choosing your next doll. ;}

SEARCHING for a DOLL April 28 2015, 0 Comments

The search for the right love/companion doll is different for different people. Some looking based on price, some based on quality, looks, abilities, shipping, and some search based on pure curiosity. What's interesting is how they go about it. What words to you use when searching for something you don't know anything about. Maybe you want a doll and have seen Lars and the Real Girl and think, "that's for me" but don't know how to find it. What words? What terms?

Well after doing a bit of research I have found a huge list of words and terms people used to find I find it fascinating how similar yet varied this list is. Try for a moment to conjure up what you would use in this search and then have a gander below to see what brought people to find us on the internet.

This is just a fraction of the full list which has over 300 terms in it....and good luck with your search

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Why Buy a Ruby13 Love Doll April 07 2015, 0 Comments

   So on one of the forums where lots of folks gather to chat about all sorts of love dolls and the love doll culture, I decided to throw in a question for these folks... "Why Buy a Ruby13 doll?" Here are the answers I got from forum members who own a Ruby13 doll (and some collect dolls from other doll makers too which gives us a very educated opinion). These are actual responses from real customers. These comments can be found along with contact information to their authors on Feel free to reach out to these folks if you want more in depth thoughts about Ruby13 by our real clients.


"-No leg seams. The legs are smooth and are without the mold seams on the sides.

--Breasts look and feel very real.
--No false advertising. The doll received looks like the pictures on the website.
--Quality doll. A lot of silicone is used to make the Ruby.
--Doll is beautiful.
That is what I like about my Ruby."
"Why? Because they're gorgeous. The head #5 is the best blowjob I've ever received. New lighter/custom nipple colors and shades/styles... I've owned a pose-able Ruby13 in late 2012. I loved it, but I never powdered the doll so I wound up selling it because I complained it was hard to move around and everything stuck to it.... duh. Then I got in a real relationship and realized I've been unhappy since day one (over a year later) and broke, because I spent so much money on this girl because she doesn't work... and now, I'm craving another Ruby13. Either torso or full doll. Money doesn't permit, but if I put my mind to it, I can save like crazy just as I did before.

Don and Jim's work cannot be understated-- Rubys are fantastic and worth every penny.

Thanks. :)"
"To me, the advantages of a Ruby are:

- movable eyes (easy to move and change)
- soft boobs and skin
- low weight compared to other dolls
- posable arms option
- low price compared to other high end dolls
- good for sex and good for photography"
"To me, a better question would be why NOT to by a Ruby 13.
If the weight, or the cost disqualify her, I could understand.
But if neither of those apply, then the manifold testimonies alone of just how GREAT she is in bed should be justification enough.
With her spine being just flexible enough, and her freely moving arms and legs, during play she can move with you in ways you just WISH a RG would!
That, and the fact that her vaginal area operates on a sophisticated mathematical formula:(Erection+insertion=orgasm) guarantees a good time!
And those legendary breasts are also VERY good at relieving you of excess seminal fluids, if you are so inclined.
Yeah, I know: TOO much information. But it was necessary to fill in the blanks for those who might still be on the fence and wondering what makes Ruby so special.
Add in the realistic line of faces that Jim is now producing, and the ease of repairing her silicone flesh, should it become necessary and you have the only doll you REALLY need!"
"Honestly, I was drawn in by the boobs :oops: How they looked, their size, how soft everyone was saying they were... but the more and more I looked at pics and read, the more I started to get taken by her cute face as well. And then when she arrived I was hopelessly hooked by her looks, size, feel, weight.... you name it!

I can easily see my Callie being a little wild and getting her way backstage at a major concert, even though she didn't pay to get back there ifyaknowwhatimean :wink:

At the same time I can see her working at a local library or office or school or something and being a constant source for everyone's fantasies.

In either case she's always a little naughty but at the end of the day is ready for cuddles with a sweet smile.

Sweet and spicy at the same time, but with a dash more spice. That's how I see the Ruby girls, and that's why I like the Ruby girls."
"Well I'm a boob man and ruby dolls have some of the nicest chests going.
Love that her eyes are so easy to move and give such great expression for photos.
These dolls are very good in bed too. When i put the platinum blonde wig on my Cynthia i was in love!
Her curves go on for ever, with hands that are lovely to hold!
These are well made beautiful dolls of high quality and I own two of the honeys!
Would i recommend this doll, In a second!!!!!! no maybe first!!
Great to cuddle too. One very happy Ruby doll owner here"
"Jim I just sold my Ruby 13 but I can say having had her, a Boy Toy and a Viola, she was the best of the bunch in almost every case.

Since her skeletal frame is PVC and cord, covered with a foam core muscular system, she's very moveable in the sack. I was personally not a huge fan of her "always open" thighs owing to her hip design, but it did make doggy and missionary really easy to switch between. She was just an amazing plaything in bed. You can literally roll her all over the place and given her frame she has a good tendancy to "bounce back" against you when you thrust.

The boobs were...spectactular. The firmer outer skin, with a much softer blend of silicone underneath, were just amazing to play with, suck on or mount. I lost many a load between those melons.

And unlike the import TPE dolls, her vagina and anal orifices were anatomically placed in their right positions. You didn't find yourself angling weird to enter her and if you wanted to get durty and go double dipping, it was quite easy to do without rearranging her position....again, just like a real woman. The woman I'm with now is a bit of a freak in the sack and loved a few role playing sessions with Ruby. Even she would comment how everything was where it was supposed to be...albeit for a petite super-busty gal.

If I have a single complaint it was her dimpling. I didn't have this issue with my TPE, and it wasn't that much of an issue with the Boy Toy (although the skin on BT's was also more plastic-y). So I assume that is a tradeoff for your unique formulation. Less than 4 months into owning her she began to dimple mysteriously. I kept her lying in a large chest filled with 4" memory foam on all sides. She was always in neutral/pour pose. But each time I pulled her out there'd be a smattering of new dimples. In a year of owning her she developed maybe 3 dozen, each about the size of a fingertip indentation. But I was as gentle with her as I would be with a real woman so I'm not sure why that happened.

But otherwise, great fantasy figure, fantastic for sex and overall I got my moneys' worth. I'm a little upset how she ended up but the buyer gets to do what he wants with her so....yeah.

Enjoyed owning what I consider a fantastic American made and uniquely designed doll."
"Well I have to admitt that Ruby and Brazil are great at sex!! Now to qualify a few things, my Ruby is the older more solid silicone so her skin is pretty tough, but she is so damn sexy to look at.
I sure want to get the new softer version some day. I'm a larger person so Ruby is more work for me due to me being a bigger person and her being a smaller doll. But to enter her she feels so good, and i love the way she moves, and i can grab her breasts which are so beautiful. I glad i have her, will never part with her even if i get a newer ruby doll.
Now my Ruby Brazil doll oh my she a hot one in bed, i have to say she is the best for me. Her larger size makes entry even easier. She is much softer as well and being the darker skin tone she looks Brazilian too. Very hot and cute and her booty is so nice too. I must say these two dolls were well worth the price.
There are many other aspects of these dolls there beautiful hands and face that are so cute! My fantasy dolls for sure love walking in to the room and seeing there faces and bustyness!!

Ruby dolls rock period and if i had the money i would probably by the other two dolls too!
So jim to you your Dad and the team you make an exceptional doll line of hoties, my hat off to you all."
"I have not received my Ruby doll yet, but the ample breasts and nice full lips are so feminine and enticing. From reports I have noted the flexibility and ease of entry. The large eyes are alluring and attractive. These are reasons why I have ordered a Ruby13 doll. Can, t wait to get her!"

NEW FACES - the Journey April 06 2015, 0 Comments

When Ruby13 began my dad had designed one body. Ruby. As you might expect we were immediately inundated with requests for not only Ruby but new designs. The "large breast" fans were ordering like crazy but the "regular size breast" crowd was asking for us to give them something of a Ruby with "C" size cups. One thing I know about my late father is that he didn't like to design for anyone but himself. Even when he designed furniture or artwork, he did it for what he liked, and if anyone also liked it well then there was a sale. But taking requests was never his forte. However, I am a bit different on that subject. I don't mind giving folks what they want if it's possible for me to do that. Eventually I want to address the "C" cup body addition to our lineup but for now I am all about new FACES. We've had many requests for faces that are more "realistic" less "artistic." Of course Ruby13 was based on my dad's artwork from the 1980's and 90's, so it's no wonder it's a bit on the artistic side. But there is definitely a large and growing group of folks who love Ruby's 4 body styles but want a more "traditional" face. I am happy to oblige. Things are changing at Ruby13 at this date. New advances and transitions are in the works. This has halted the mold making of face 12, 13, 14 and 15. But change is always good and my guess is that we should have face 14 by mid June. Lord willing and the Creek don't rise, as they say. Here's a shot of that luscious lipped face 14

now... cheers

Love vs. Lust - Loving a Doll April 04 2015, 2 Comments

Have you ever heard someone refer to your feelings for someone else as "lust?" They might be negating that you have love for that person. It's usually a term aimed at someone who shows interest in a "pretty" or attractive person. She's so pretty that you can't possibly love her it's just LUST. lol Well perhaps there's some Lust involved but that doesn't have to rule out the idea that you can also love that person. I guess it all gets down to your definitions of these 2 words. What does Love mean to you? Is it a feeling you get when you like someone? Or is it an action word like some folks say? Maybe there are different meanings for the word LOVE. I know that when I'm attracted to someone and if I get a chance to watch them over a period of time I can usually decide whether I still like them as a person, which may then eventually become Love. I think Lust is something a person can have for another person they find attractive and yet don't like as a human. But Lust fails quickly I think. So Falling in Love is probably a quick thing. Where as loving someone is full time job that keeps you around even when it's tough. I'd have to say that from my experience knowing those who have Ruby dolls that... they love them. Because there's a lot of work to owning a Ruby (or any other silicone doll) It takes time and effort to keep them clean and clothed and made up. The wig alone is a full time job. So I would say that there are those who truly LOVE their Ruby dolls. Just based on their actions alone. What do you think?

Having Sex with Dolls - Questions March 28 2015, 1 Comment

This will be another ongoing blog. I want to ask folks questions about what they like about having sex with dolls. What's it like? Do you warm your doll up before sex? Do you watch anything in particular in the way of movies before or during your sex with your doll? Do you cuddle afterwards? Do you talk to your doll during sex? Does it feel like it does with a real human? What does your doll wear when you're about to have sex?

feel free to add comments below to answer these questions or ask about the answers given.

thanks much

The Ruby13 Creation Story - How she came about March 18 2015, 2 Comments

It's always about the story. The "WHY" is the best thing. I find the story of "why" Ruby13 was even created interesting. My dad had drawn these amazing pencil pinup girls that were printed in Easyrider Magazine in the '80s. Years later a friend of his told him that his art had a certain "Look" and "style" that was different from others and had he ever thought of sculpting one of these girls. So my dad decided to do that. It took him a few years tinkering with it. He hadn't sculpted before. He got out the newspaper and bondo and just went at it. Eventually he had a sexy blond sitting in his trailer. I came over one night and saw her. Her back was to me. I thought it was a real girl sitting there for a second. She was amazing. He even had painted her a skin tone and had jean shorts and a long blond wig on her. She sat on a little wooden stool. His trailer was small so I had to be careful walking around her. We talked about his process for building her for a while and then I asked him what he was going to do with her. He said that he wanted to make a mold and sell her to guys who entered their Hot Rods into car shows. They could put her in the drivers seat instead of the usual stuffed toy things they put there. I told him he'd probably sell a few that way but had he ever thought about making her into a love doll. What? he said. He'd never seen the new silicone love dolls. I showed him a few things on the internet and he was convinced. It took 2 years to find the right guy to help my dad make the molds he wanted to build. He lost a lot of money in the process but it was his "love" project. Finally after being told that the "sitting" position molds he wanted were "never going to happen" by another dollmaker, Ruby's first mold was ready. Never say Never. Don was convinced he could accomplish this process if he worked on it long enough and he was right. Then after about a year, Don wanted to refine the seams. He wanted them to be gone. He got the guys together and they began the amazing process of "deSeaming" the molds. It took a long time and was a tedious job. Many hours perfecting the seam lines. But again, Don got was he was looking for after a lot of troubleshooting and engineering. He once put a modern engine into a model T Ice truck he told me. "People said it couldn't be done" and so I think this was his last project where he wanted to prove he could do it. A guy recently offered to buy the molds from me and he lowballed me saying that anyone could make the molds so they were only worth a low amount. I know from experience that it's not an easy task. First you have to have a sculpt, a good sculpt, and in Ruby's case it's a sculpt based on artwork that is stylized not a body cast. In fact not a lot of women are shaped just like Ruby. Much artistic license was taken when designing her. But it was done with taste and a true understanding of where ART and the human Body meet without being ridiculous or "Off" in some way. Anyway, some folks here have mentioned that Ruby is a working piece of art. That is about as true as it gets. I am truly glad that my dad lived long enough to get lots of calls and emails from people who were genuinely happy to own one of his dolls. I think he's created a great amount of goodwill which is what we as artists usually want our art to do.

DOLL photography March 13 2015, 6 Comments

I'm going to talk a lot about photography in this blog. It's a favorite for me. Lighting, pose, colorschemes facial expressions. all of it.

Here is an amazing photo of an amazing doll posted in our forum by a customer who knows what he's doing. I've heard many times that Ruby's are not poseable. I guess whoever said that was wrong. I do know that Don created different faces not for sex but for expression. He always talked about a woman's eyes. When a woman looks at you sideways it's probably a good thing. With a Ruby you can turn the eyes in many directions with the touch of one finger. That's because Don was a lover of different glances from women. With a push up of the chin and shift of the eyes you change the very thought going on in her pretty little head. experiment, because a blank Cow stare is not attractive unless you're into that sort of thing.

Huge thanks to our brilliant photographer above who knows how to get a look out his girl. kudos on the wardrobe as well.

"BEST ACCESSIBILITY in a SEX DOLL" March 13 2015, 1 Comment

So many reasons to buy a Ruby13 doll. I've been on the phone for an hour with a very scientific minded gentleman who has enumerated the ways in which he has longed for a silicone playmate. I'm not sure if he wants me to repeat his diatribe but he isn't pulling punches either. At one point I think he is prodding me to keep the designs true to form and not lose the traits that he finds "perfect"

One of those traits is the placement design of the sexual parts. I've heard horror stories about folks who buy other dolls and can't quite get a comfortable position figured out like a bad date where the rhythm is off. This guy says Ruby is "simple and smooth" and "easy like it should be" he later uses the word "accessible unlike some others he's tried." what more can I reply to this than, "Thank you." My father was a professional, meaning he designed the best "SEXdoll" on the market because he'd most likely been around the block more than any other doll maker out there. And not just been around but been observant. He could be a bit "descriptive" at times when we had father son conversations. At times I was uncomfortable hearing stuff like that, but eventually you accept people for who they are and who they were once upon a time. For my dad, it only makes sense that his legacy was a voluptuous silicone vixen.


HUMAN ATTRACTION & The NEW Ruby13 Faces January 04 2015, 2 Comments

Back in 2008 I began my involvement with my dad's project Ruby13. I watched since 2001 while he began the procedure of sculpting a girl that resembled his amazing artwork (some featured in Easyrider Magazine). So although I had my own company where I shot films and video for many different companies, I now also was in charge of dealing with customers for Ruby13. I answered emails and was a bit of a go between for my dad since he was not on the internet yet. I also designed the first website and did all the photography of the dolls.

During this time I got a plethora of emails asking if we were going to make variations on the one doll we had. "Will you guys be making a doll with even bigger boobs?" and "Are you going to make any Realistic faces? Because I LOVE the Ruby bodies, but the faces aren't for me" This second question was something I tried to push on my dad. He was so busy with new body sculpts etc that it just wasn't possible at that time. He did however venture that direction with face 11 which is quite a departure from the first 8 faces.

Beauty is subjective. If there was a room with 10 people sitting and we brought one woman into that room for the 10 people to evaluate. Each of those 10 people would have a different level of attraction to that 1 woman. Some would think she's hot, some would think she's ok and some would pass. Like the scene in that beautiful movie "Amelie" where the men in the 4 photos on the lampshade begin talking to the Hero about Amelie. They argue whether Amelie is "jolie" or "Belle" which is French for "Pretty" or "Beautiful." It's in the eye of the beholder. And so it is with Ruby's many faces. They are not all beautiful to everyone, yet some love those face very much.

Then in April of 2013 he passed away, rather unexpectedly. His tools, ideas and business were now mine to either continue, kill or sell. I had to decide if wanted to run the company along with my own business of video/photography. Ruby itself is a full time job with inquiries on a daily basis, sales, website, photography updates, social media, building "moving" eye mechanisms, coloring the dolls including makeup eyelashes etc as well as shipping and getting all the extras. And that was just my job. 2 other guys actually build the dolls. If you knew the amount of time and talent it takes to design and build them you'd wonder why they don't cost more.

Sculpting was a process I felt was very much over my head. I can draw pretty well and I have a background in art but that's just to a 2d level. Sculpting is a 3d artform. Imagine drawing a face on paper. That's just one view of the face. Sculpting that same face is many views from different angles. So first I hired a sculptor off craigslist. I gave him many angled photos of a girl I had photographed and whose image I had written permission to use. The sculptor took a month and sculpted what looked like a neanderthal man. He was very proud of it. I wasn't. So I tried another sculptor. This guy works for the studios in LA. And after 7 months of putting me off with excuses he sent me a photograph of another neanderthal man face. completely unusable. But again this guy was very happy with his work. I sent him a schematic showing with lines how different his sculpt was from the girl in the photo. He never addressed my concerns and so I lost my deposit.

That's it!!! I lost my cool and took matters into my own hands, literally. It lit a fire under my ass that made me go out and get some polymer clay and tools and shut out the world while I began a new chapter in my life. Sculpting. Polymer clay stays workable til you bake it. Which is the type of time frame I need as a beginner. After 4 weeks I had accomplished the faces you see below. The first one with the flat lips will not be in our line up but it was my first full attempt. The one in blue is the same as the one with eyes and makeup and hair and is about to become face #12. Remember these are prototypes and so they will look much more translucent and soft when we make them in platinum silicone. The face in 2tone clay with eyes will become face #13. I will be continuing this process of making new faces from now on. I plan on Ruby13 having another 6 faces by Summer. cheers


Welcome to the Official Ruby13 Blog November 04 2014, 1 Comment

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Ruby13 blog. We are going to chat about lots of fun and interesting things here. Interviews with doll owners, sex therapists, makeup artists, adult store owners. If you have a topic you'd like us to discuss please feel free to bring it up in a comment or just email us. Please interact with us subscribe and when a new blog comes out we'll let you know. also, join our conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, and see our videos on the Ruby13Channel on YOUTUBE.... Til then.